Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Gatsby Darling

Recently I attended my friends 1920s Gatsby themed party, which was A LOT of fun! 
The drinks flowed, the playlist was a perfect mix of contemporary, jazz and music from the Gatsby sound track.. I felt like I had been transported back in time!
I wore a dress which was Oasis but I purchased on eBay for £15. It was more of an Art Deco inspired choice, rather than go for traditional flapper, so I wasn't drowning in a sea of tassels! Having said that everyone looked amazing and really got into the spirit of things.
The accessories are already things I pre owned, dug out of the cupboard, dusted off and given a new lease of life. The shoes were £32 surprisingly from Next - not bought especially but I loved the added sparkle!
In regards to hair and make up - I curled my hair and left it loose, only adding in a side parting and twisted piece at the front. Make up was minimal, with the all important Daisy Buchanan red lipstick!
Thank you to Ellie for hosting and please check out her blog www.sweetwordsfromwonderland.blogspot.com ! 

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

C a p

The Baseball Cap 

Recently I have been loving the 'laid-back' approach to dressing- preferring something more chilled out like a pair of Levi shorts and converse as opposed to a heavily structured look for summer. 
An accessory which I think screams 'i threw this on yet look f-a-b-' is a simple, all-American teen baseball cap.
Not only does it channel your inner grunge girl (which we all secretly wish we could be) but also is reminiscent of Will Smith in Fresh Prince, giving a throwback to the 90s style which is having a comeback in 2013. 
  Worn backwards, jammed over hair which is a day overdue for a wash, a ripped tee and cut-off shorts; you have your perfect summer go to outfit when you are having one of those days.
 So forget those awkward, uncomfortable co-ords you were planning to wear and release yourself into a small state of unkemptness, whack a cap on and hide it all..

Cara Delevigne - girl of the moment is rarely seen off duty without some sort of hat.

K Stew pre-break up is a fantastic advocate for the baseball cap always looking super relaxed channeling that LA spirit.

Above are a collection of caps which I love.
The top row from right to left are all available from ASOS. Although I am not a fan of the Snapback as such, these are very 'Cara' and worn with the right outfit could look fantastic.
Middle - this is again ASOS and by far my favoutrite. It is simple enough to wear with anything and play down an outfit, all at the same time screaming 'do i look like i care'.
Bottom - all Topshop, the go to brand. I love the 'T' cap which is very 90s and would fit well with a varsity jacket for that collegic look. The zebras are a lot of fun.


And welcome to my blog. This is the first post of what I hope will be many.. and it's just to explain what it is all about.
My name is Beth and I am 16 years old.
  The name '11 weeks of summer' derives from the yep, you guessed it, 11 weeks of summer I am currently experiencing, which began all the way back in the deepest depths of June and is still going on ahh!
  I intended to begin this blog at the start of summer, in order to blog about the entire summer, as one of my little projects and as something to do. Funnily enough have had 'Hello!' stuck at the top of this post for a while, not really knowing what to say.

But, alas, now I am taking the proverbial plunge headfirst into that deep body of water - the internet.
This blog will basically just be me posting whatever I want, whenever I want. A dash of fashion ( I call it a 'dashion'), some lifestyle, perhaps I will go wild and even VLOG who knows?!

But all in all this is me saying hi,