Saturday, 21 September 2013


I haven't updated in literally so so so long so I thought I'd just try to do a few short and sweet posts to remind myself to post. Here goes...

Outfit of the day 
So I went out for a meal with some friends and decided to keep it simple yet chic, again basing the look on my favourite era of the moment the 90s, whilst still keeping it relatively feminine and smart for dinner.

I've gone all fancy today and decided to use a Vine to show you the outfit plus the thought process behind it! Link below 😄 

The inspiration came from having the very simple Cami dress, which is rather summery and impractical, and making it suitable for winter.
 Pairing it with the retro baseball top and trainers helped transform the cool but boring dress into something oh-so-1990s and oh-so-a/w 13, hinting at a sports luxe feel, whilst also saying I just threw this on...
I simply love that both these items are from primark, showing that fashion doesn't have a price, it's all in the styling and confidence of wearing a garment!

The accessories, are again both primark, simply because that's how I love jewellery to look - intentionally shiny, gold and plastic. So tacky yet so right! 

The top, shoes, necklace and hoops are from primark. Cami dress, £16 topshop. Lipstick £8.00, Rimmel.